Liz and John

August 23, 2003


Dates, Times, Maps
Bridal Party
Our New Home
Added! 6/22/2004


First half of our table camera photos:
(please understand that these where not the highest quality
cameras and some people are not the bet picture takers :-)
I have done what I could to clean and enhance them)

01 02 03 04
05 06 07 08

First set of pictures:

Taken by Allison Dom
added 11/5/2003

Taken by the Kuhn's
added 6/22/2004

Honeymoon Pictures:

Las Vegas and an Alaskan Cruise
added 10/14/2003

Taken by Dave Benesch
(and Video)

Taken by Erik Hjemdahl-Monsen
linked 6/22/2004

Liz and John

Intermission of a
UB Concert Band concert

2000 Holiday Gala

2000 Holiday Gala
with Prof. and Mrs. Greiner

Duff's after a
UB basketball game

Ooz Fest 2001

Spring Break 2000 Epcot Center

At my cousin Andy's
and Shannon's Wedding

In the Student Union

Wedding Favor CD Cover