John's Family

Updated January 2, 2007


Thelma F. (Danitz) Zaepfel passed away on Saturday December, 1 2007. She was 91 years. Here is the page I have put together with pictures and family tree.

Pictures(38) from December 24, 2006 at the Mom and Dad Zaepfel's, Church and Grandma G's House.

Pictures(122) and Video(151mb) from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Roses house December 23, 2006.

Picture of the newest member of my Dad's family: Jackson Keller, son to Andy and Shannon Keller born November 9, 2004.

Here is a quicktime movie (750 KB) of my parents, Uncle Art and Aunt Nancy down in Florida. Screen shots where taken on 1/29/2004 at 2 PM.

Here are my parents: John and Sharon Zaepfel
(Taken while on their Dominican Republic Trip in April 2004)

Mom and Dad's Trip to Cancun Mexico in April 2003
My brother Peter maintains a website on the roller hockey team he and his friends play on. Warhawks
My Mother's side

Aunty Ellie, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Andy, my Mom

Grandma and her brothers and sister, (starting on left) Uncle Tom, Aunty Mary Ann, Uncle Jim

My cousins



Amanda in Soccer

Stephanie in cross country

My Father's Side
Zaepfel Family Annual Summer
Picture at Uncle Charlie's



My father and his brothers and sisters:
(starting on left) Aunt Thelma, my Dad, Aunt Sue, Uncle
Charlie, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Floyd, Aunt Elleen, Uncle Al

Here are three picture of my great grandma with her fellow musicians. The choir travel around and sing at nursing homes. They are called the "Warblers."

Warblers1 | Warblers2 | Warblers3

This is my grandfather in
(I think) his first car

Here he is on top
of his car

Here is my grandmother
next to the car
The interesting thing about these pictures is that I recently bought a Chrysler PT Cruiser.  My Grandma thought that my PT looked very similar to the car that my grandfather had in these pictures. These where taken in 1950 and I grabbed a quick scan of them when my grandma brought them over to show.

My family's little "palace" in Franklinville, NY.
It is about an hour and a half south south east of Buffalo.