Anna's First Days 01/15/2006 (51mb)

Anna's Next Days 1 01/19/2006 (45mb)

Anna's Next Days 2 01/22/2006 (11mb)

Anna's Grandparents 01/23/2006 (19mb)

Anna's First Bath 01/24/2006 (6mb)

Anna - One Month 02/14/2006 (74mb)

The BIRTH-day Shower 02/26/2006 (25mb)

Happy Baby 05/28/2006 (6mb)

Anna Swimming 07/08/2006 (12mb)

On the Floor at Grandmas 07/08/2006 (24mb)

Evening at Grandma Steele's 07/08/2006 (24mb)

Anna Loves Bridget 07/19/2006 (2mb)

Problem Solver 07/19/2006 (2mb)

Anna's First Cereal 07/25/2006 (7mb)

Anna on her Phone 07/25/2006 (9mb)

Hide and Seek (4mb)

First Music Lession (16mb)

Anna and her flower 09/19/2006 (18mb)

Anna Walks 02/02/2007 (8mb)

Visit from Josh and Lindsay 03/03/2007 (37mb)

Ice Cream 07/01/2007 (6mb)

Fun with the Camera 10/04/2007 (5mb)

Fun with the Camera 2 10/19/2007 (15mb)

Fun with the Camera 3 11/01/2007 (11mb)

Dinner with Grandma 11/11/2007 (39mb)

Anna's Two Year Birthday Video 11/11/2007 (39mb)


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