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Kappa Kappa Psi Hymn
Arranged by John Zaepfel
Parts (PDF 403Kb)
Score (PDF 163Kb)
added 3/23/2004

UB Marching/Pep Band Music

Victory March &
Go for a Touchdown

Parts (PDF 1.6 Mb)
Score (PDF 140 Kb)

Alma Mater

Parts (PDF 460 Kb)
Score (PDF 127 Kb)

(This is the original 1968 arrangement by Livingston Gearhart. The bands currently performs an arrangement by Director James Mauck.)

Alumni Fanfare

Parts (PDF 262 Kb)
Score (PDF 76 Kb)
Music (MIDI 11 Kb)

(This is a piece that I wrote for the Marching Band. It contains little clips of Victory, GFTD, the Alma Mater, and U. of B. Marching Song.)

Words to Victory March

Lyrics (PDF Kb)

(Here are the lyrics to his own Victory March that Dr. Robert Mols wrote in 2000 after I casually suggested that he give it a try.)

Original Yells

Yells 1: Parts (PDF 138 Kb)
  Score (PDF 97 Kb)
Yells 2: Parts (PDF 30 Kb)
(sorry missing some parts -
I will fix this some day)
  Score (PDF 137 Kb)
Yells 3: Parts (PDF 137 Kb)
  Score (PDF 94 Kb)
Yells 4: Parts (PDF 197 Kb)
  Score (PDF 135 Kb)
(Here are all the original yells compiled in the 1980's.)

Victory Short II

Parts (PDF 103 Kb)
Score (PDF 34 Kb) Music (MIDI 4 Kb)

Tuba Music

Victory March (PDF 48 Kb)
Budweiser Tubas (PDF 22 Kb)
The Muppet Show Goes Tuba (PDF 63 Kb)


UB Marching Band
Thunder of the East

UB Pep Band